Hang Time

There could have been a winner
in bracket number three
But Barry chose the Cougars
And Pat bet on Tennessee.
If the Wildcats of Kentucky
look like ‘Toga in 2005
then, maybe the dirty Huskies
won’t make it out alive.
But really, boys, it’s just a game…
Don’t put your money on the line.
If Butler comes in lucky
Then Northern Iowa wins your dime.

All right already; the bracket’s
out of tune. If 16 teams start out
to win, then 15 won’t go through.
That’s lots of losers, money, too
Exhausted in the race
But next year’s sweet sixteen
Will quickly take their place.

Secretly the poet knows little
’bout hoop-dee-dos…
No one knows the teams that well
So luck’s a must go-to.

My hopes were all on Kansas
’cause Dorothy’s from that state,
And Kentucky has the Derby, boys,
Despite the ranking slate.
It’s not all about the hang time;
The heart must be there, too.
So for the “Lions, Tigers, and Bears
Oh, my,” I was betting on KSU.

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