Too Tired to Think

All the rush is over,
bells have rung, cars have left,
Lights fade on long shadowed stragglers
And night crews emerge and hover.

Out comes Jimmy Works-too-much
Who sees lights go on
In pretty Sonya Driven-by-power’s room;
What’s she up to now?
Plotting someone else’s doom.

“Don’t you know it’s quittin’ time?”
Nightman Randall razzes him.
“Oh, there’s no such thing
for some of us,” says Jimmy
in his self-created gloom.

“Balance , dude,” the fellow says,
“make boundaries for the day.”
“I know,” says Jimmy, “that’s what
said as I left the house today.

So, what will it be?
Another too-long-week-ahead?
Or will Quittin’ time only start
when pillow meets the head?

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