Call Me Stupid

Trying to make sense of all
the crazies
makes me crazy, too.
Health care for all sounds like a good idea
And then someone shouts, “Baby Killer”
and two more shout, “Obama-care”
And then Huck Finn, who knows the word and uses it
heads west because even he wouldn’t say it now.
And it’s health care, for crying out loud.

“But not my money,” and “what happened to choice”
seem like logical arguments, but then
What about those who have no choice?
No money? no job? no privilege?

call me crazy for thinking that
the world won’t end, that the government
made up of mostly men,
won’t get anything perfect, ever.
Call me “stupid,” or “ugly,” or “‘fat,
or a socialist or un-American,
or a red-haired commi-loving,
Jew-friending, Mormon,
Pro-life and pro-choice, left-winged

Call me anything you want.
But take the child to the doctor;
help those who are trying to help themselves
And stop crying about how this will
hurt you. It won’t hurt.
Have a lollipop.

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