Planting Bulbs

Tiger Lilies begin to root
along the river’s edge. Shielded by
rocks and ragged wood borders,
the tentacles creep deep and sideways,
halting only when the hoe
whacks them in half.

That’s what you get when children
are set to the task of weeding–
complete undoing of your annual
efforts to grow a flower garden
to brighten your already bright
spring days and summer nights.

Naturally, most bulbs will survive the
hack job, and sooner than later
the grandchildren will be too busy
driving cars and finding mates
to weed a garden. Instead, they
will appear with bouquets.

I took flowers to my grandmother
once and she seemed surprised.
Cut flowers are quite extravagant,
she said as she pulled some crabgrass
from her lawn.


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