Just Because I Understand Does Not Mean I Cannot Be Amazed

Petrichor, fall’s denouement, presages

El Niño and our holiday eve’s peeling bells.

The hindsight on a pyrrhic year, reflecting

riparian beauty amid harsh new histories.

And then I read, “write  as if you were

talking to your friends.”


I am not sure why

yellow leaves make me smile

nor why rainbows surprise me.

Why it hails and how that differs from snow

always baffled me in first grade,

but my fourth grade teacher,

Mr. Hanson, taught me about weather.

Now I just smile in awe.

I often feel that way  at this time of year–

in awe.

The wood stove warmth and our Siamese

Spice curled up nearby also

remind me that my favorite season

has arrived–

just in time for Christmas.






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