These Moments

Driving the back way through the parking lot near the apartment,

I saw a woman who was walking directly into my path.

I figured I would have to press the brakes to let her cross,

and I was annoyed.


She was a few years older than me, her gray tufts

framing her slightly wrinkled face, her head crowned with

a red knit cap. I considered how she so boldly wore

a red jacket, red pants, and sneakers.


She was spry as all get out, you could tell.

The spring in her step not matching the early hour

nor my sedentary, half groggy brain. Her arms swung

a simple, but light rhythm as she moved.


I slowed, wondering if she was fast enough

to cross the road before I met her. If we reached

the crossing at exactly the same time, I could

see her eyes and maybe know more about her.


I proceeded on, but for a moment a tree

blocked my vision, I was surprised to see

she had retreated, turned around and headed

back from where she had come.


Sad that I had been annoyed, I wondered

about her life, her secret, her energy–

so positive even from a distance.

We would not meet, but I was happy we did.




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