Moving On

It strikes me as odd
To move on from you

You, who my spirit knew
Were once—maybe in some former life
Or different dimension—
Connected to me.

The grand archer or better yet the universe
May slingshot us back around, our paths
crossing yet again,
The tail of Haley’s Comet kissing our parted
Paths. Perhaps we will find a more normalized
Friendly way to be—perhaps I’ll be younger,
Perhaps I will have evolved into a better

Or maybe, we will end forever.

Such a difficult possibility
To accept.
By ending you will find new
Beginnings—ones you never ever
Thought you were looking for—
And I, well, I will follow the rainbow
Toward the light that created it
And maybe be surprised to find a golden soul
Sitting next to a pot of un-conditionality.


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