I have none in race cars, grunge rock, nor butterfly collections
And I could not care less about hairstyles, Warren Buffet, or chemistry.
I’m absolutely sure I will never enjoy baiting a hook again,
And I’d rather cut my thumb off than go to a party where women
in stilettos downplay their intelligence
I do, however, like my own car, some classic rock, and butterflies
that are still alive.
And I do fix my hair each morning and like to be able to do that, and Buffet’s
influence on Bill Gates is admirable, and cooking is chemistry as is
my connection to certain people I love.
I’m happy my father loves to fish because I’m happy
when he is,
And while I’d still rather never attend one of “those” kinds of parties,
I’m envious of women who look so damn beautiful–obviously not envious enough
to try on, buy, or least of all wear that modern form of foot-binding,
but some of those ladies are rightfully gorgeous.
Nonetheless, I think I’ll keep my thumb for now
and find a past time elsewhere
perhaps here on the page.


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