Spiderman, Batman, Green Hornet, (me too)
All grew up with Mighty Mouse; while Underdog,
Bug’s Bunny, and Yosemite Sam won the children’s hearts
even after Felix raced away.
And fairy tales and story books
and Mr. Green Jeans, too,
taught the little ones the same lessons
that Mom and Dad had learned
a generation before.
What has happened to the story tellers?
Have they disappeared?
Can only commercial dynasties
Make their statements clear?
Are there no Rocky’s left to pull
the rabbit out of hats?
I guess I don’t like cartoons as much
If the story they tell is all sap, but-
Give me good and great and save the day,
So when things go south in my “real” life
there’ll be some rays of hope–
and maybe Mighty Mouse
With his “Here I come to save the day,”
can help this poor, believing muggle out.

Copyright 2010. Ken Chandler



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