About Classics

An easy way to stop the masses from reading
Is to call a poem or play a classic.
Why is that?
Is it because they are works read in school?Because they are called works which implies effort?
Because they speak of Icarus or Viola or
Ophelia; because they delve into the tortured
Psychology of Hamlet or the twisted unsexing
Of Lady Macbeth? What is it about Thor that makes him
A superhero, but Diane stands abandoned, holding her bow
In the cold, and Miniver Cheevy sits thinking alone
On his textbook page while Henry David and Ralph Waldo
Vie for the consciousness of mostly apathetic teenagers?

Give me a classic, give me the richness of the page,
The fading warmth of the universal heart as he slowly
Realizes that he has killed his love or his love has died
Or his wife has turned to stone because of his own, avoidable

Give me a classic, give me unspeakable loves between tutors
And students, between Houseman and Jackson,
Between Poe and his Lenore. Ignore the rhythm of my
Distress and pluck the pathos of my inner soul
One bleeding heart string at a time until the music
Lifts my spirit to the greater understandings of who I am
And why I love.

Shakespeare Abridged…because we can.

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