On the Eve of Thanksgiving

While thanking all the people
for whatever good they’ve done,
I’d like to thank those thinkers
through whose minds my life improves,
The thinkers and the doers, who
move collective thought along.
Like Twain and Dante,
Chaucer, Einstein, Plato, you;
Like Day-Lewis’ Lincoln,
Depp’s Hatter, Gilbert, Barrie,
Edward, Sparrows,
just to name a few.

So grateful for the thinkers,
That help me think and do.
And many other worthy things
I’m grateful for anew.

Thanksgiving need not only come
on fourth November Thursday eves…
it’s how we live and what we say

with friends and strangers near…
it can be now, tomorrow, too, entire year-long plays

to say, “Thanks,”  for all, my dear, thanks for the happy days.


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