Modern Gratitude

How great to have two super kids
Different yet delightful both;
A man who shows his thoughts of me in his diligent,
Daily care and strife, wishes for
A peaceful mind to keep him safe and grow him kind
Parents, steeped in honor, faith, and sacrifice
Their words, deeds teach truth in every instance–
Any good I am is because of them;
A sister and a brother who I know are there
And always will be
With families and children that make me proud

How thankful to have a daily routine
That keeps my mind, well, perhaps not keen,
At least awake and happy.
And looking forward to meeting another
Precious soul, who, searching, will find his voice
And place among the stars
Friends who care the way I do about those
Who pass through our doors
On their way to adulthood.

How pleased to live in this great land
Amid the redwoods, rivers, sands
With good clean water, food, and fun
With dissent and pride and football Sundays;
Even things I sadly don’t care for much
Might make others happy, and for that
I’m glad.

So blessed with freedom, too
To love and work and travel through
Each of those lives a little bit;
Pleasant dreams that come and go
And try to guide me, subtly, toward
Goodness.For those thankful
moments of clarity, I pause.

It’s simple things like temple prayers
And kittens, beagles, electric bikes
And choirs, cars, and racing kites
That fly on every camping trip
Where wind lifts up their sides
And breathes in them delight.

And this, of course, must be the clue
That God is good: He brought me

And, boy, am I grateful.


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