Just A Darn Cat

Our cat died–
Or, at least we think she did.
Coyotes probably ate her
When she wasn’t looking–
What a cool cat, our Pickles,
She knew exactly how to bait our traps
She purred, she sauntered, she stole
her naps

Pickles died perhaps today
For sure it wasn’t long ago
And in her wake she left
no doubt of who she was
inside and out.

Not uncommon, that tabby mix
with white nose, chest, little paw tips
But just as those external things
Made her a favorite in our eyes
It was her gentle, simple mew
that caused the roughest eyes to dew

Pickles died, there is no doubt
She’s not around to be let out
She does not wander near the door
She will not answer evermore
Pickles, just a simple cat
Evoking love–even from
the rat.

Pickles, find the fire
in the world beyond;
curl up near, and purr your song
And wait. We’re all a blink away
We’ll think of you from time to time,
We’ll think of others lost this day,

We’ll hope for clarity again.

Pickles, a cool cat

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