You, There

You, there, on the far sidewalk
Seagulls rest,
Gulls rest on the far sidewalks,
Where, oh where shall I

You, there, on the last plane there—
Travelers, fly
Fly me off to the islands
Off to return

You, there, on my front porch step
Come by to say, “Goodbye”?
Call me, whenever you
Want to say it.
Call me before
You forget.

You, there, with the bright smile
Look this way if you dare
Flash that grin
Just one more time,
Your burdens are light to

You, there, come ride with me
Across the great divide
Shed that worry
And that care
Hitch a lift, one with
Supernatural fare.

You, there, paint on canvas—
Oil takes forever to dry.
Paint with cautionary,
Acrylic boldness;
Wipe clean, when eye to smudged eye
We finally celebrate that painting
And comfort one another’s sighs.

Hey, You there!

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