Inventing words
Relating ideas singularly
without force or explanation,
must it only be the gift of
John Milton
Or Johnson
Or Shakespeare?

Peevish little words
Or complex ditties
with phonemes galore
expanding thought
as we expand our tongues

Or is it the other way around?
If Iago gives his, “worst of thought his
worst of words,” must we “invent some other
form of entertainment” since vile words
now commonly fill our lives?
Can there be worse?

And are there better turns
than “felicity,” “serendipity,” and “love”
which curl delightfully our smiles,
“and make us rich indeed”?

“Words, words, words,” as young
Hamlet is wont to chide–
They are the stuff of books, poetry,
songs, and cigarette ads–

And all because


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