If I could change a single thing about what I do,
I’d change the way I talk to you.
I’d be more truthful when you ask my thoughts
I’d tell you the other half of all the half truths, and not
So you’ll believe it’s really okay
To choose the more resistant way.
Fight a little harder for what you want
Find your voice. You’re not supposed to be just (like everyone)
You’re different in the most critical ways
You’re gifted child, you’re superb this way

So here we go, just one more time—
There is great chance that you’ll hear me say,
“Walk the walk and worry not”
Because you know what’s best for you
And that is why I’ll hear you through

Life only gets at least this hard,
Enjoy the ride and all the thought
You’ll learn so much as you decide.
Whether or not you agree with me,
I so appreciate your honesty.


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