Master Plan

It’s hard to say what I love more
A kid in pig tails or a tennis pro
The man I married or my folks, for sure
Isn’t it great I don’t have to choose?
I love them all; like you do, too.

What rocks the house more than the quake
Is but the minute we forget to say
There’s love enough to go around
Take Eve for instance who loved them all
Cain and Abel and Seth post her Fall
And all her other children, blow the horn
There must have been a daughter born
And down the chain to that one Man
Who stepped up love like no one can.

Quibble not about the faith
It’s time to think of all you love
And that you can—
Now, that’s a plan!


One thought on “Master Plan

  1. Tash December 14, 2010 / 6:17 am

    You are awesome Kerry, and i am proud to call you my friend!


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