Cease Fire

In time for nightfall, silhouettes flee
As twinkle lights adorn the old pine tree—
Fog rolls in over western, coastal hills
While evening creeps along the ledge—heralds winter’s chills,
Escape a minute just for this—a single, thoughtful phrase
“Peace on Earth, Good Will to all”—
Infuse the cooling days.

Oh balmy breath of war’s unrest and nations rent in pain
Lull not those warlords, generals, heads of state
To suffer all the children in lands that nature claims
And bows not down nor moment’s cease to celebrate
The simplest of cures:

Treat each alone with respect and care
As if the answer rested there
And soon the world would find the thing that
Horton heard Sue Who sing—
Not guns, nor threats, nor miscreants
Nor seven deadly sinners’ rants
Escape the ever- growing facts
That men are just like Thoreau’s ants.
Of course, they don’t have to be that dull—
A party thrown in Heaven’s name
With good friends, song, and reindeer games
Might just persuade the darkest souls
To ditch the warlike ideology; in favor of
Our child’s play.

Happy holidays to you and yours
Lights blink ever frantically
And Merry Christmas most of all,
As prayers for peace remain the plea.


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