Meticulous Mettle

When JFK repeated Roosevelt—
Breathing life into Fear
He sparked generations
Into believing that one’s mettle
Might be worth more
Than medal

When Goldman Sacs eats the money
Like popcorn at a B movie matinee
And A list celebrities trash marriage
And family for personal, immediate
Pleasure, and leaders of countries,
Including and especially our own,
Hide truths that make us weaker,
who champions that now?

I know who.
The girl who says, no
Because she’s a girl with might
And the boy who says yes
Because right is right
And the teacher who cries
Foul just in time to save light
And the soldier who knows
When not to put up a fight

Because mettle, says Martha
Means knowing when is when
So thank you, Patrick and Thomas
And men who are men.


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