Cat and Mouse

Tip-toeing ever so silently
Between the rooms,
Tom thought he’d not
Been Heard nor seen
But Jerry knew

Because Jerry was
A cool cat of a mouse
With incredible sense
Mostly about Tom
And his antics

He knew, for instance,
That hiding behind
Any skirt
Would never work
Because cats like Tom
Need to groom their fur
To feel important
And skirts were notorious
For rustling or being shortened
And if the hem lifted
Tom’s exposure and the high-top
Boots might catch Jerry’s eye
And dynamite might singe Tom’s
Poor, befuddled ego

So creeping stealthily between
Staging areas trying to capture Jerry
In homemade contraptions
Made from old umbrellas
Always made Tom look
Foolish even desperate
But Tom didn’t mind
Because Jerry taunted Tom

And he’d get him this time.


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