Have you heard the greatest of news?
It’s a gift sometimes dismissed:

Families, dear ones, even with their
Eccentricities, are forever.

Despite the distance, disputes,
dogged death that interrupts them,

Families, quirky and complex,
are made in the simple offerings

A phone call, a drop in, a plate
of baklava, or note from a friend,

A quick cup of something warm,
a photo on the Facebook page,

A long planned trip or a spur
of the moment jaunt south–

Each text message, or cameo
of Dad’s fish or sea-life sighting,

Each political difference, each
popular song about loss or love.

Each child’s first step, each cousin’s
first child, grandchild, marriage or divorce

All, every moment, make our families
similarly stellar and chaotic-

All, happily ours. Thanksgiving tables can
happen all year. May feasting begin again.



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