Couches and Cords

What worry must there be that
a proposal to eliminate AR-15s
from the hands of 15 year-olds
might create a constitutional crisis?
When did 15 year-olds need to carry?

Much like the argument that
my one year old has with me
when I pull the electrical cord out
of her mouth–even when it’s not
plugged into an outlet.

Or the time I did not allow her
to fall off the couch when she was
just learning o crawl.  Heaven have
mercy on me, she wailed. And the
daggers in her eyes were sharp.

But everyone thinks I did the right

I am the adult. If I had allowed
her to fall or electrocute herself,
I would be culpable. Ah, you say
the couch didn’t make her fall
or the cord didn’t cause her
brains to fry–we shouldn’t
outlaw the couch or the cord.

But, couches and cords are not intended to kill.
We need couches and cords.








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