Office Holiday Cheer

Seems silly to squander a penny

On popsicles, popcorn, and pie—


But spending a moment with you,

Chatting about the kids, breaking bread,

Even bemoaning the evening news

is worth every penny, nickel or dime

of time.


As holiday cheer fills the air,

I linger at the cusp of times

Reflecting on little ones who age,

At the innocence of their youth.

I think of this institution’s walls

And the stories of its hidden truths.


As celebrations give you pause

For reflections on the year gone by

I hope they bring memories erased of sorrow,

Supplanted by joy and abounding

In peace.


Happy Holidays to you and yours

May the New Year be kind, and like

the toddler sharing his dripping

cone, be genuine in its gifts.


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