Let Her Be Her

Often, we ask the children their preference
then overrule their choice
out of our own fear of being judged.

The celebration calls for the wearing
of unicorn dresses with rainbow leggings—
at least in her mind. Please let her wear
that unicorn dress before it no longer means
magic, before conformity fills her mind
and brainwashes her soul.

But no, the pink dress with daisies
must be chosen–as is appropriate.
She still sparkles , the cutest girl in the world.
But the unicorn tulle and matching striped tights
with toes painted like tiny yellow hooves
and her golden alicorn headband sit crumpled
on the closet floor until finally, like the belief
that she is one with these majestic, mystical beings
get packed away–

so adulthood begins–
at kindergarten advancement.







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