When You Were Five

Because we met you then, and knew for sure,
despite your crooked bangs, your wrinkled clothes
in a green lawn bag, we loved you. Your tiny teeth
and hands, happy about seeing our pet

Deer and raccoon; ours because the river
flows through our yard like our love
never ebbed for you with your tangled
words and constant gaze, your “I do it,”

Phrase; we loved all of you. So fierce
your independence, so honest your tender care
of small creatures and even adults who had somewhere
wronged your youth and robbed you

Of some part of life only to leave you
the special gifts that we so fortunately
will have a lifetime and beyond to cherish.
We proffer our love in exchange for your

Perpetual silliness. Our coffers overflow
with your bright lit soul, reminding us
that your birthday is coming soon–
Oh happy day! When you were five

We were born, too. We, who are your parents,
worry about your future but know
you are kind, contemplative, and careful;
we know you can do it. We have seen you

In perfect form from the day we met you.
So, into adulthood you go. May you forever
know that there is no gift we can give that
can rival the gift you have brought to us,

when you were so young.

Happy 18th Birthday, Breanna! We love you.
Mom and Dad

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