Upon Your Graduation

Once, in a moment of sheer boredom
I went to the movies.
An actor raced a round boulder
dodging poisoned darts as he hunted
for the lost ark.

Years later, I saw a skit staged
between two redwood trees
at a high school down the street,
and the boy lit up my life–
been laughing along the way since.

At first, I could not nail
the connection; Spielberg and Ford
were not Spielberg and Hanks.
Afterall, the boy loved Hanks,
but Spielberg, huh?

Now, at the dawn of a new
adventure, the boy is pushing ahead,
boulders will not o’rtake him.
He is good because simply because he is.
Who is Spielberg , anyway?

And the connection lies
in the passion for the work,
the desire to make the quest,
the run of purpose toward
a holy goal–joy.

David, may the screen find you
fully and often–may your visions
be creative and fulfilling, but mostly,
may your joy come from living
the life you dream for yourself.



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