Time Flies

I knew exactly the moment
I fell in love with you–
a brunette kindergartener
with crooked bangs.
Your goodness of spirit
belied your age and past.
Fiercely independent, yet
incredibly attachable you
came home within an instant
of our first meeting.

Not the girl who helped
the toddler find its mother
after falling off the merry-go-round,
nor the girl who peeked suspiciously
from under her long, crooked bangs.
No, the girl I loved-and still love,
I met for the first time in a little square
office. In a purple, chiffon
Easter dress, you knelt
beside the toy train table.

You tilted your head ever
so slightly in order
to look at me from the corner
of your eye. Dad said,
“She’s a pretty little thing.”
I said, “She’s magnificent.”
No matter what they said,
the only words we heard were,
“She needs you.”

And that was it.
You came home and stayed.
It was about time– we’d been
missing you terribly your first
five years. That was ten years ago
today. You are still so magnificent,
you are still so loved.
No poem nor song can quite
explain how we can love this much.


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