My Daughter

Little does she know,
but I love her the most.
Her purple PJs and innocent
smile warm my heart
even when she forgets
to do the dishes.

I do wish she would
do her homework–
like reading To Kill A Mockingbird
and The Pearl
But I really do love her
even if she doesn’t.

I’d also like it if she were
to go through her old clothes
and bag up the ones
to give to goodwill
But if she doesn’t do that,
I will still think she’s
the best daughter ever.

There are times like now,
I wish she would abandon
the social media jag, you know,
two hours of Minecraft,
Roblox, tumblr, Facebook,
YouTube, FaceTime, ooVoo,
or that weird Floppybird
app that consumes precious time
when she could be reading.
But I still love her, and I do
like to write on my laptop and upload
my photos to Facebook.

Oh, and there is the issue
of playing with the dogs,
oh, and feeding them.
They would surely like both,
But I, I would still love her
even if they starve to death.
They might not be so happy, but
they’d be dead, so what the heck.

Billy Collins is not the only
person who has a favorite
teenage girl.


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