Porcupine People

Porcupines are odd creatures–
perhaps as unusual as bluebirds.
Really. Have you considered that each don
unusual apparel while jays squawk
excessively? In flocks, jays squawk

Anteaters are also a bit absurd–
much like a hummingbird.
Exactly. Have you seen the tongue
of a hummingbird as it darts unseen for
nectar? Like lightening, it darts

Sloths capture the imagination, too–
similar to the box turtle.
Yes. Have you imagined the two
racing at top speeds toward nowhere
in a tie? Racing at top speeds, they

People are the other enigma–
like storm cloud formations over canyonlands.
Unequivocally. Have you been amazed
by their vibrant hues then seen them
dissipate? In storms, their vibrant hues


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