They grow on the tree,
and fall under it
Not far from it
One bad one can indeed
spoil more than just
the rest of the barrel;
in fact, one a day
can bankrupt the entire
medical profession even
before the insurance
companies do.

Alas, when they
are served a la mode
it’s hard to believe that
that it took Adam so long
to take a bite; oh, but maybe
the pair partook of a pear.
And that poor Steve Jobs,
getting rich on a Macintosh
but that could not save his life
nor could it stop Snow White’s
huntsman from killing the pig
a very Lord of the Flies moment.
Poor pig.

And when everyone sits down
at the Thanksgiving table
and plays, being careful not to compare
oranges to bananas,
I thank the good Lord for you,
my pupil, and wonder
how you got into my eye
in the first place.


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