On Being Neighborly

The farmer from up the road
stopped by last month
Asking to set up a little house for jays.
Seems they were near extinction at one point,
Had a hard time competing with the sparrows.
Could he post one here?
Nests need to be every quarter mile—
And could you mow the grass some,
And keep the goats away,
Oh, and the dogs.
You know, those jays are just making
A comeback
Really would like to help them out some.
So, what do you say?

And the pole and house went up
And a jay tested the nest
And the sparrows darted by
In jealous fits wishing that the blue birds
Would find a different neighborhood
In which to live—

But the jay returned in spite
Of all the ruckus.

The mowing continues...
The mowing continues…


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