Mainstream Minds

Who’d a thunk that being a nerd
would someday be c’est chic?
I mean, really.
It used to be a derogatory label,
something unwanted. Maybe
Bill Gates made it known,
Fox’s Alex Keaton made it knowable,
and Intercollegiate a capella groups
made being a nerd desirable?
Well, maybe not.
But nerdville, or the state of reveling
in one’s own love of learning,
love of something unique
something perhaps not entirely popular,
no longer will be tossed around
so lightly. Pocket-protected brainiacs and
poetry lovers may simply find
their way less cluttered by the hurling
of the word, while true nerds,
those who don’t mind or feel threatened
by the labels of others will reclaim
the word from the wanna be nerds
who feign love of literature or math
but who clamor to be campus all-stars
joining fraternities and sororities
not to serve, but to find acceptance.

Those accused of being
one, ought to decide if they owe thanks
or apologies to those who rightfully
deserve the title.

Nerds love the irony
of being cool.


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