How We Let Them Down

Frustrated pop culture rings
hollow in the ears of youth
who eye every moment of pseudo sex
appeal as invitations to imitate poor taste,
poor thought, poor sense of their
birthrighted self
Instead they wallow in adult created
images they now think cool, snap
vulgar innuendos atop mean spirited
jabs that powerful people sell them
in their movies, songs, sports
We set them up for civilization’s failure
And they don’t have the experience
to know the difference between
a good joke and cheap laugh
because they are, after all, yet kids
and they trust what they see
because adults put it there
and act as if it matters or is benign,
or worse yet, worth money,
to let the little ones watch, listen

And the building blocks of goodness
were eaten from the inside out
by marauding adult termites
who eat wood and youth.


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