Through the Window to My Soul

Peeking through my window
Who would guess you’d visit me
Perched on just the ledge
With your little squiggles of wishes
And “Nostalgia,” “Scotland,” and “The Pavilion”
Each waiting his turn to tickle
My inner consciousness with your
Natural rhythm of love and death?

And Billy, you promised next time
To write me an exposé about life
And then invite me to tea with

Of course, that was eons ago
And now, your visit comes at just the perfect
Moment to open the final wound
And let the floodgates of the week
Unlatch the hardest look into my
Mirror lined psyche–
And then, like the death spiral
Over Croatia’s Adriatic Sea,
Observe the ruins magnified beneath
the blue-green waters
Before crashing like Icarus,
Whose wings would have failed him
No matter how near he flew to
You, into the depths of

Oh, to see you makes me believe in you

But faith requires more.


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