Another Un-poem

Not feeling particularly poetic tonight
Lousy flu’s got me down
And I almost lost a finger
Helping to install our new cast iron
bathtub this morning–
hurt like Hades in a snowstorm,
swelled up like a polish sausage–
I don’t think I’ve ever experienced
true shock before, but that’s what I must have felt-
nauseous, cold sweat, almost passed out–and that
was just my finger…I can’t imagine the pain some
people have gone through with traumatic injuries.
Oh well, such a wimp am I.
The great irony, of course, is that I’d just finished grading
what will undoubtedly be my last take-home set of writing
in my entire career. When there’s nothing left to do,
I can’t do it anyway.
Oh, and this has been a wonderful exercise of hunt and peck
with the good hand.
I’m including a photo below
of the Foucault Pendulum located at
the Griffith Park Observatory.
Why? Because time, good people,
keeps marching on and will not wait
for us to catch up or keep up
or pause. And that, is by design.

Foucault Pendulum…”a time for everything under heaven.”

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