Swashbuckler Silliness

Bellied up to the rail, sword in hand
pride on his flouncy, pirate sleeve.
Swashbuckler Sam takes a mighty, noble
but not-to-well-thought-out stand.

“I’ll steal the booty and the girl;
I’ll pillage ’till the cows come home.
I’ll shoot the matey in the head,
and toss the scraggly dog a bone.”

He bragged about his pirate deeds
while his tipsy folly sealed the deal,
The approaching ship slipped through the seas:
Jack Sparrow at the wheel.

No need exists to brag about
one’s pirate feats galore
When Sparrow comes to have his way
Your Swashbuckler days are o’er.

It was a nice run o’er the seas
The world seems smaller with passing days
And Swashbuckler Sam just took a pee
‘Cause Captain Jack is real.
The secret pirate cove wherein hides the Black Pearl.


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