They’re All Reruns But You

Have you ever seen a movie or
TV show or sidewalk p.d.a.
that you really hadn’t seen before
at least a dozen times, I’d say?
You’ve seen the one where Batman wins?
Where Lois gets Superman?
Where Beaver tells a little lie
Or Gilligan causes quite a spin?
Have you ever seen the girl get dumped
Or the boy lose all his charm?
Or what about the nosy broad
Or guy who hits too hard?
Perhaps you know the simple
script where good surpasses bad?
But have you seen the other one–
when the good guy just gets had?
Of course, there’s G.I. Joe and Jane
and Larry, Curly, Mo,
And modern families tell the tales
of plot line so and so.

All our lives have simple truths
and tales that are retold.
It’s how we live and who we love
That make them not grow old.

If I could list my life’s great loves,
I’d have to praise your powers,
“You are the one director’s cut
that I could watch for hours.”


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