Momentary Mindsets

Haphazardly, we let our minds
Crawl into spaces even exterminators
Avoid-dark, damp, reeking sewers
Within concocted realities.
Willy-nilly, fantastical realms
Where superpowers save our love,
Our town, our world from the greedy
Clutches of the Joker, the tea party, or
Hairy-legged spiders that long to
Dismember us from ourselves
Apathetically, boredom’s fits and spurts
Tease our minds into uncanny corners
Where exit routes vanish and thoughts
Of exotic travel, even perilous forays
Into uncharted, pirate infested seas
(oh please, let there be pirates)
steal away our sanity

Then finally,
The phone rings or the bird shrills
And reality pipes up
And we take a pill to sleep
Because the heartache is still
Too much.

To sleep, perchance to dream, ay, there's the rub; for in that sleep... what dreams may come

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