Learn Yourself Well

Imperative that you grow
quickly enough to be at the open window
exactly when the sun shines
upon that beautiful you-ness
upon that magnificent mountain
of youth’s eternal dew.

And as brilliant sun rises, and
freshness of morning scent
dances around the spring of your life,
remember the mighty redwood
on the river bank of now
watching, bending, whispering
a little melody of love
to soothe you on your way.

Follow your heart in growing
follow you heart in song
follow your heart forever
it’s unlikely to lead you wrong.

So learn yourself well, dear one,
learn yourself well. Only you will stand
against the rise of current, wind, and wrong.

I’ll be there, in one form or another
to cheer you on.

I'll stand beside you as you grow; you can catch me when I fall.

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