In the eyes of men and angels the great ones shine;
not because they don’t have flesh and blood,
but rather, they seize the moment and climb
Just a little bit faster, or farther, or truer. or
Perhaps just because their inspiration, newer.
And it doesn’t matter the field where they toil
Science, mathematics, art history, or soil–
An actor or singer or barber or cook,
The great ones leap forward neglecting to look
down or around or at neighbors or fiends
They just power through to glorious ends.

If greatness defines one then what would we see
In textbooks for children to grow up and be?
The giver, the grower, the leader, all three?
Greatness begins when the leaps made are free
of have-tos and musts and you-owe-it-to-mes.
The only oblige that stands in the fray is the one
That demands that the self lead the way.
Greatness requires a wee little more
That must be the reason the great ones explore.
They dig deep, stand tall, endure to the end
They model behavior, they make me
haha, not really. I just tire of the rhyme.

Some greatness is simply beautful.


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