One Bigot, Two Bigots

Three bigots, four.
What will it take to even the score?
Five racists, six sexists,
seven homophobics more
under the guise of making sure
History remains 18th century pure?

I think I need to calm down a bit
I think I need to scream
I think I need to wield an axe
Or pen or keyboard screen

Beware of those who claim they’re free
of bias, hate, or bigotry
We have it, all, to some degree
But civilized enough to see
our faults lie, every one
in ways we can, with work overcome
so that we grow in honor some
It’s worth it just to face our faults
large or ugly though they be–
If I were not the one I know,
I’d criticize the lot.

But that other kind, that overt
fraud, who claims no judgement false
beware of one who thinks he’s
swell–he’s sometimes worse, or not.

I would have spoken up today
But something stopped me, true.
It was that inner voice that said–
Be careful what you spew.

One bad word is not worth the strife
But truth is usually true.
So all I say to the bigot friend is,
“May I have a word with you?”


One thought on “One Bigot, Two Bigots

  1. oddeofun December 14, 2011 / 7:42 am

    had to share this. nice, nice work.


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