Look Around Again

I observed kindness yet again today,
A girl tripped coming in the door.
A young man held her by the arm;
He blocked her fall, for sure.

And then again, I heard a kid
With too much in his hands
Say, “Just a minute there,”
as he dropped his things around
And stepped back to hold the door for me,
A stranger in his town.
Then there was this little girl
who missed her mom so much;
the teacher’s aid distracted her
with just a little touch,
And soon the smiles filled the scene
And off she went to play
While just a moment later
An actor stopped to pray

he prayed for peace in his mother’s heart
he prayed for sister, too
he prayed that when he got that part
his work would touch a few

The janitor mopped the bathroom floor
Not just for paychecks, true–
He mopped because he knew:
people deserve that dignity–
and that went unnoticed, too.

Today I saw so many things
That kindness just shone through
If the world is dark and gray for some,
Perhaps they’re looking wrong.


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