What is it about midnight
that always keeps me up?

As much as I love the present,
I look forward to what’s next.
When the clock strikes 11:59,
I relish in the midnight chime.
There are plenty of folks who
preach, “Live for today” : which
I do, yes, I live for every moment
when I get to see and hear and do-
I really live for all those encounters
with you and you and you–
but, there’s something about tomorrow
That keeps me so enthralled
And finds me planning, fretting,
hoping for us all.
Midnight seems the darkest time,
but not for folks like me–
it’s like rebirth, a brand new day,
before sunrise usually falls–
For strange folks just like me
who hover in the unsleep mode
midnight is the rosy time
when again tomorrow calls.

For those asleep or just knocked out
For those who dread nightfall,
Think of all the lovely thoughts
That midnight brought about.
There probably came philosophy,
Oh sure, some was as dark as death–
but also Transcendentalists
found knowledge at the wick.
There surely was some love
occurring in the eve
In fact, a few of us
must have been conceived.

So thoughts and man and planets
all appear with midnight’s oil
So stay awake just now and then
and partake the small hour’s spoils.


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