My spam queue
is full,
but something with a fee
can protect me from unwanted
third parties.

So, who is worse, the spammer
or the extortionist who wants
to protect me
and then unceasingly sends
about upgrades and new tools
that cost just a tad bit more?

And that is the way some people operate:
They want something, so they’re exquisite
And they listen with both ears,
ostensible hearts
but when need arises,
or when tough times
as they invariably do,
those same “pillars” of charity
become busy and unavailable
and impossible to reach or they
need something in return and they
begin to preach.

And then there is that “family” member
who, by all rights, has no clue about
the hypocrisy they spew…but, of course,
invariably, they need your help
to which you’re expected to smile
and say, “I’m happy to lend a hand.”
Perhaps they’ll be eternally stuck
in my queued line of junk.

But every great while,
when sifting through trash,
a bolded message catches the eye–
“Gads, did I dump that?”
And it could be a friend
who slipped through the cracks
or a sibling or nephew or
someone like that
who rightfully should have been
looked at with awe
for their goodness
and grace and unrelenting

I learned a lot from my little spam queue–
I learned that some things just are–
No matter what we do
And somethings and people
are worth a second glance through.

Junk mail


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