Happy, Should Be Anyway

It’s all working out–no more need to fret

Ever have a moment like that? Everything
works out just the way it should
And, incredibly, you sit back and worry,
fight back the tears,
tears of incredible sadness, loss
and happiness?

And it happens again. It’s perfect.
And you can’t complain–because you
wanted it this way. You wanted it this way,
Didn’t you?

If you try anything new again, “Someone, please
remind me,” that there are others
who can tackle it–others who can
afford the pain.

Ride on, Ride on, and skip the intro
Don’t expect an easy return
Highway speeds exceed the limit
Exit here to spare your life–
Warn other travelers of what’s up
Head for higher ground to avoid
Colliding headlong into your own

But love them all along the way.


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