Thinking (always problematic) led Nietzsche
to conclusions like, “God doesn’t exist”
Remarkably Buddhist, nicht wahr? Poor pitiful self,
that man.

Selfish, the most human word, cringes when we
Speak it. All must be selfish to survive—
Yet, quality of existence, something more ethereal
Than real, not only makes God necessary, but oh, so

Why the rock if not the sand
Why the sun if not the shade
Why the child if not the man?

Happiness springs internally-
Selfishly we hoard it until we learn
That a flea market of emotion
not worth a damned penny,
A dollar instead of ten
Will buy that elusive joy from
That rich man down the block.

Knocking….Who is that knocking?
Will you answer?

Dorothy entered the poppy field on the way to Oz...Had the field been tulips, would she have not also slept? Sometimes, things just don't matter, but they are still beautiful. There it is; existence is everything.

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