She saw the art within the frame
That Dali painted, that critics praised
And he hated art, and history, yes, he did.
So off he went
The light, the hue
The foreground crisp, the rear obscure
The artist creating love screaming
Impress me
Impress me
Impress me

Her care for him rose high above
She seized the chance to speak her love
He slew her with his openness
He tore her from his selfish kiss
He pushed her down, he risked his fate
From her eyes he drew the snake

Son, you know I know this place
This is my house, my saving grace
With you my life is all I need
Take up the march, just sing the plea
And bring the craft to men again
Your lonely path fraught with misery
Impress me.

Howler monkeys swing through trees
Shrieking loud debauchery

She called him on his crazy farce
His call to smash the frame apart
To slash the canvas that hung proudly
Claiming new love–
She knew him. He pulled her in and
And crashed his love right through her

Screeching love fills every tear
Drunken revelry now disappears

Perhaps he knows what she always knew
That art is more than me and you
It’s cosmic and it’s large and rough and moving
It cannot be false to claim the truth
It cannot conquer me alone without you
It calls and cries and makes her love
Him. Truly love him all of him

Debunk the myth, guffaw humility
Impress me with ingenuity

She tried whatever she could do
To call him forth and speak the truth
Nothing more could save him from the rail
They beat him down and called him frail
And she sang as loudly as before
The art of love is evermore

It’s all been etched and drawn before.
Impress me.


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