Who’s the Bully Now?

Look, listen, think before you talk
Consider the implications of not walking that surly walk
Take away my tenure, my health care and my pay
Call me a lowly public servant (that’s servant on your brain),
Conjure every lousy teacher you’ve had in all your life
Then blame me for that one stupidity that caused you little strife.
Throw a rock or slur or lemon pie
into my face
Enjoy your ego trip maurading round the place

Then, when things go south and control is lost
Don’t cry to me about the the stinking rot

Honestly, there are things to do–
find something worthwhile to pursue
It won’t be teaching at a zoo.

Why do that when money and respect
Can be found on Wall Street’s deck?

I think I’ll just hop a train–And let the
Robber barons have their way–
I’ve always preferred the open road
To rotten fruit, ungrateful toads.

What price will you pay?

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