Night Light

I’m not quite sure
what to think about this–
They mixed a pig with a jellyfish kiss.
The pig glows green throughout the day
At night it shines amid dark hay
Stem cells from the nocturnal jelly
Give the litter radiant bellies
While all along the lonely squid
Thought he’d missed his chance
As a hybrid pig.

What will they think of next
in messing with our core?
Perhaps a rhino with a horse
creating that elusive unicorn
Or better yet a stem celled
Captain Jack
Who swaggers by with tiger eyes
and pouch for his booty sack–

I’m practical to say the least, so
perhaps a glowing pig roast feast
could save the cost of xray care
it’s all so creepy–dark and deep

Give the pig some clothes.

(Lest anyone think I’ve gone off my rocker, take a look at the photo–In Taiwan 2006, they implanted florescent jellyfish stem cells in the embryos in three pigs and ended up with pigs that were green by day and that glow in the dark. Since then (2009), others in Canada have crossed goats with spiders to creat a silk protein in goat milk, and in the U.S. they’ve created a florescent green cat, Mr. Green Genes, that they hope to somehow aid in the cure for cystic fibrosis by marking the genes. The jellyfish scientists won the Nobel Prize that has led to the increased interest in this field. Interesting science–do you find it disturbing or fascinating? Perhaps a little of both?)


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