Bottom Feeders

So, I read this blog by a documentary film maker.
Angered by someone who didn’t give him the time of day,
He ranted about something along the lines of:
“Treat me with a modicum of respect and I’ll do likewise.”
Wouldn’t the world be a better place if that were adhered to for, say, a day or so-
How about an hour?

He called the woman a “bottom feeder.”
Does that mean she’s a sturgeon?
Those fish grow old and mean
And their eggs are worth a fortune
Caviar, that is.
And they have an external faux spine
There must be a metaphor in that somewhere

Just like a blogger telling the world about bottom feeders
And poets telling bloggers about respect
And you realizing that judgment gets in the way
And name calling doesn’t help.

What happened to all the nice people?
Do they feed at the top?


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